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Stick Man: The story of Emmett Chapman and the instrument he created New biography now available
"The Beginning (1936-1969)" by Jim Reilly
"Emmett" a documentary work in progress by Dan Chapman
New Recordings - MP3s and video links
"Emmett's Free Hands tapping method" by Greg Howard
"Modes of Limitless Inspiration" by Sean Malone
"The Real Parallel Galaxy" by Emmett Chapman
"Parallel Galaxy" transcribed by Joe McCollum
"Just Intonation" by Emmett Chapman
Emmett talks method and instrument,
a video encounter with "Rocket Scientists"
"The Stars, the Moon, and Everything" by Diana Chapman
"Epoch Eclipse Now" by Emmett Chapman
fun and games
"Tennis with Emmett" by Greg howard
"On the Other Hand" - Emmett's blog and essays
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"Gonnawannaland" by Emmett Chapman and Guillermo Cides

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Biography: Jim Reilly's biography of Emmett,
Stick Man: the stroy of Emmett Chapman and the instrument he created, is now available.

Letters: Jeff Pearce writes about Emmett doing his Birth Chart

Blog Posts from Emmett: About Shakespreare, Papal Symbolism and more!

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