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"Eff S#arp" - Emmett and Vance Gloster
"Gonnawannaland" - Emmett and Guillermo Cides
Emmett's Free Hands fretboard tapping method
Emmett's discovery of a new way of playing the guitar led to new music, a new instrument and an ongoing musical movement. A look at his art and teachings. article
Modes of Limitless Inspiration
Sean Malone explains Emmett's new approach to understanding harmony, his Offset Modal System™. article
The Real Parallel Galaxy
Emmett breaks down his Offset Modal System™ offsite article.

"Parallel Galaxy" transcription
Joe McCollum's transcription of Emmett's composition, complete with MIDI files. offsite article.

Getting started with the Offset Modal System
Emmett's suggestions for musicians who are just discovering the OMS offsite article.
Just Intonation
Emmett "bends" the rules... article and video link

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